Home Delivery & Curbside Pick-up Services

Please read the following for details on how to access our Home Delivery & Curbside Pick-up Services.

Email your order to us, we'll call you back to confirm. Sorry, we currently do not have an online ordering system listing our products.

WHAT is Offered                                             

For both Services, we offer most of the products carried in our store: organic, locally produced groceries, produce, meats, dry & canned goods, supplements, health and cleaning products  + Sidewalk Citizen's Bakery and Deli fresh breads, pastries and prepared food (1L soups and stews). No Frozen products available for the Delivery service.

Payments accepted by Credit Card only, that you provide over the phone when we call you back. We will process payment once your order has been assembled. Paper receipts are included in your order. (For security reasons, DON'T email us your Credit Card details).

Note the following:

  • Orders are processed as they are received, if demand is high and we reach our daily capacity, we will notify you that your order needed to be moved to the next available service day.
  • If you do not receive an item on your order it's because we are out of stock. Please add it again to your next order.
  • If you want us to make substitutions for you, please indicate: Substitutions are OK.
  • We are not able to add items to your order when we call you for payment (your order has already been picked and rung through)
  • We are not able to apply coupons or discounts to our Pick up or Delivery orders. E.g. No HSCA or CJSW discount. You will receive all in-store advertised sale pricing.
  • We accept 15% payment in digital Calgary Dollars, no paper C$.


Curbside Pick-up Service

Monday to Friday

Orders in by 11 AM should make same day Pick-up


Home Delivery Service

Orders processed Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings.

Orders in by 4 PM should make next day delivery.


Curbside Pick-up Service

  • $20 minimum order
  • For Orders placed before 11 AM, Monday through Friday, we'll do our best to have available for same day Pick-up. No Pick-ups Saturday/ Sunday. Orders placed after Noon will not be processed until the next Pick-up day

  • To Order:
    • Email us Orders@Sunnysidemarket.ca 
    • Specify you wish Curbside Pick-up in Subject, giving your Name, Phone number & Order items. Please indicate quantities and if applicable, specific sizes and brands.
    • We'll call you back to confirm the Order, provide you a pickup time and take payment on your Credit Card.
  • Pickup Process

    By Vehicle

    1. When you arrive, call us at 403-270-7477. Indicate if you’re parked out front or in our rear parking lot. Include your name and the make and colour of your vehicle.

    2. Pop the trunk or open a door, then stay in your vehicle. We'll put your items in the vehicle and send you on your way.

     On foot

    1. When you arrive at front entrance to the store, call us at 403-270-7477. Indicate your full name, and mention you're on foot.

    2. Please wait at least 2 meters from the front door. There is a bench in front of the store if you wish to sit while waiting.

    3. We'll bring your items out and leave them on the bench for you to Pick up.


Home Delivery Service

  • $60 minimum Order with $10 delivery fee.
  • For Delivery Orders received by the 4 PM cutoff, we'll do our best to have available for next day Delivery.
    • Sunday 4 pm   > for Monday delivery.
    • Tuesday 4pm   > for Wednesday delivery.
    • Thursday 4pm > for Friday delivery
  • To Order:
    • Email us Orders@Sunnysidemarket.ca
    • Specify you wish DELIVERY service in Subject, giving your Name, Phone number, Address & Order itemsPlease indicate quantities and if applicable, specific sizes and brands.
    • We'll call you back between 5pm - 8pm to confirm Order, provide estimated Delivery time and take payment on your Credit Card.
  • Sorry, payments cannot be made at your door.
  • Deliveries only made to central Calgary, as defined on the map below (delivery area highlighted in Blue).

Calgry Delivery Area