Vital Greens Farms

Alberta's premier organic dairy

  • Location

    Picture Butte, Alberta

  • People

    Joe Mans , Caroline Mans

  • Distance

    205 km Away

         When Vital Greens farm began in 2002, it was the first organic dairy available in Alberta. Joe Mans, a third-generation dairy farmer, runs the farm with his wife, Caroline. We’ve carried Vital Greens milk and yoghurt for many years, and it has long been the favourite choice for staff and customers alike. The Mans maintain a relatively small herd of Holstein cows, which have free access to sunshine and pasture. Joe and Caroline grow their own hay for supplemental feed, and mix it with organic minerals, Highwood Crossing flaxmeal, and molasses. They dairy that Vital Greens produces is certified organic, and thus uses no hormones, no chemical or synthetic fertilizer on the feed, and no antibiotics.

            Joe and Caroline are also conscious of the environmental impact of their dairy operation. By growing their own feed, they lower their carbon footprint and ensure a pasture with a rich, healthy soil. In 2009, they also constructed a processing facility next door to the milking facility on the farm to further reduce their environmental impact, and increase the quality and freshness of their dairy.

            Check out our cooler next time your in, we carry not only a variety of milk from Vital Greens, but also yoghurt, crème fraiche, heavy cream, sour cream, and even kefir!