TK Ranch

Humane, inspiring Alberta ranching

  • Location

    Hanna, Alberta

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  • People

    Colleen Biggs , Dylan Biggs

  • Distance

    200 km Away

         TK Ranch is the tops when it comes to ranching. T.K. Biggs started the ranch in 1956, and today, Dylan and Colleen Biggs continue to run it – with a lot of help from their daughters. It is a true family farm!  They run the ranch with a strict adherence to a socially and environmentally sustainable model. In 2013, TK Ranch became the first certified grass-fed ranch in Canada, and is one of the only ranches in Canada that is certified by the most stringent animal welfare organization in North America: Animal Welfare Approved. This means low stress handling, no hormones or antibiotics, no factory farming, free access to pasture, no grain feeding, no feedlots, and calving in accordance to the natural cycle.

            Colleen and Dylan have received numerous awards and accolades for their work, including the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Farmer of the Year award in 1998, the Emerald award for environmental and sustainable agriculture commitment in 2004, and the National Prairie Conservation Award in 2010 – to name just a few. To visit the ranch, and to hear Colleen and Dylan speak about their animals and their land is to hear ranchers with a true passion and understanding for the fundamental need for humane and ethical ranching. The truth is we could keep gushing about them forever, but you just have to try some of their chicken, beef, or pork to taste the difference. Check out our frozen meat section the next time you’re in!