Sunworks Farm

Organic & humane beef and chicken

  • Location

    Armena, Alberta

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  • People

    Ron Hamilton , Sheila Hamilton

  • Distance

    275 km Away

         Ron and Sheila Hamilton of Sunworks Farm provide us with humanely raised, high-quality beef and chicken. All their animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, and are certified organic.

            During the summer, their chicken are raised on pasture and supplemented with a certified organic feed. In the winter they are kept in a barn with access to fresh grass, sunlight, and plenty of room. During these cold months, they are fed extra alfalfa.

            Prairie Roots Organic beef is entirely grass fed and finished. During the winter when grass is unavailable, they are fed certified organic hay.

            Ron and Sheila raise all their animals with respect, and are certified humane by the BCSPCA