Gull Valley Greenhouse

Hydroponically grown, pesticide & herbicide free vegetables

  • Location

    Blackfalds, Alberta

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  • People

    Phil Tiemstra , Carolyn Tiemstra

  • Distance

    165 km Away

            Gull Valley is a family operated greenhouse located in central Alberta, just south of Gull Lake. Phil and Carolyn Tiemstra began growing beefsteak tomatoes in 1991, and have since expanded their hydroponic greenhouses to produce a wide array of veggies. We carry several types of tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, and eggplants.

            Vegetables are grown as sustainably as possible. Gull Valley uses hydroponics because it allows high yields in a small area, and allows water to be used very efficiently. All water in the greenhouse is recycled, and energy curtains are used to reduce heating needs. Instead of using harmful chemicals on their vegetables, beneficial insects are introduced into the greenhouses to control pests. This is a great operation with minimal environmental impact!

            We recommend trying their cherry tomatoes; it’s rare for a basket to come through our tills without them!