Ewe-nique Farms

Ethically and naturally raised lamb

  • Location

    Champion, Alberta

  • Website

  • People

    Bert Vande Bruinhorst , Caroline Vande Bruinhorst

  • Distance

    190 km Away

            Ewe-nique Farms is located just south-west of Champion, Alberta, and operated by Bert and Caroline Vande Bruinhorst – with the help of their large and enthusiastic family. Bert and Caroline strive to provide all the animals on their farm with “living conditions that are expressions of their individual traits.” Their lamb are kept on pasture during the summer, guarded diligently by Great Pyrenees dogs who keep them safe from predators. During the winter, the lambs are fed hay (naturally grown on-site) and a grain ration (on which the lambs are also finished). Ewe-nique lamb are naturally raised, with no growth hormones, or antibiotics.