Broek Pork Acres

Delicious pasture-raised heritage pork

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    Coalhurst, Alberta

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    Allan Vanden Broek , Joanne Vanden Broek

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    191 km Away

            Allan and Joanne Vanden Broek have been farming in southern Alberta since 1994. In 2005, they decided to switch to pasture-raised pork, with the philosophy that a hands-on approach through the entire process would produce a “superior and healthy product.”  They grow their own grain and hay for feed, raise their hogs on pasture year round, and do the processing in their own provincially inspected facility.

            The hog of choice for Allan and Joanne is the Berkshire breed. Broek Pork raises their hogs with careful attention to health and quality of life. Their hogs are raised without added hormones, no antibiotics, no animal by-products, and never force-fed. They are always outdoors, free to forage and lounge in the sun, and when it comes time for processing, Allan and Joanne ensure it is as stress free as possible.

            Broek Pork Acres provides us with a wide range of quality pork products, including nitrate free bacon, back bacon, and smokies.