Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms

Highly diversified, local, biodynamic farming.

            Our relationship with Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farm goes back over a decade. The 160-acre farm is a highly diversified, demeter certified bastion of goodness located near Carstairs, Alberta. Henry and Erika Vester moved out to the land in 1977 with their seven children, and an eighth was born in their home in 1980. In 1999, their son Kris instigated the transition process to certify the farm as organic. The farmland and crops became certified organic in 2001, and in 2010 Demeter Canada granted biodynamic accreditation for the herb and vegetable production on the farm.

            Kris began selling his produce to Sunnyside Natural Market in the summer of 1999, and the relationship has flourished. Tamara, our former produce manager, married Kris in 2011, and they now run the farm as a brilliant duo. Kris and Tamara also enjoy the help of SOIL apprentices, and each year, many Sunnyside employees proudly head up to the farm on a day off and get their hands in the dirt to help out as well!

            Beyond the wide variety of herbs and vegetables we carry from Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms, we also carry their delicious pork products. Their pigs are pasture raised, antibiotic free, with no hormones added.