Schipper Farms

Year-round Alberta grown greens!

  • Location

    Bow Island, Alberta

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  • People

    Dee Schipper , Harm Schipper

  • Distance

    300 km Away

       Harm and Dee Schipper have been running their small family farm near Bow Island, Alberta, for two decades. They immigrated to Canada in the 1980's, after years of farming and receiving education in agriculture and horticulture in the Netherlands. They run a herbicide and pesticide free greenhouse with the help of their daughters, Colleen and Lia. Lia was awarded the Alberta Greenhouse Grower of the Year in 2014! 

Shipper Farms is biodiverse, growing lettuce, strawberries, flowers, as well as raising chicken. They run their greenhouse with hydroponics because they like the control it affords: water and fertilizer can be recycled, and plants can be grown under the most ideal conditions so disease happens rarely. When diseases do happen, they use biological control (insects) to keep the plants happy. They're even able to grow plants year round with assimilation lights - although the kale does grow much slower in the winter!

There's a saying often quoted by farmers back in Holland that Harm and Dee take to heart: healthy body, healthy soul. This starts with good food. After decades of farming, they're still proud to be a food producer. Sunnyside Natural Market carries their hydroponically grown lettuce and kale.