J&M Farms

Fresh, free range eggs!

  • Location

    Lethbridge, Alberta

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  • People

    Jim Oosterhof , Margaret Oosterhof

  • Distance

    220 km Away

          J&M Farms is a chicken, rabbit, and sheep farm run by Jim and Margaret Oosterhof. We receive farm fresh free-range eggs from them year round, and we sell their eggs in multiple sizes. On the farm, the chickens are free to roam around, allowing them to supplement the feed Jim and Margaret provide them with a healthy diet of grazing and foraging.

            Every spring, J&M Farms provides us with an amazing rabbit manure compost that has certainly invigorated countless gardens around the community. This compost is rich in nutrients and minerals yet will not burn plants if directly applied. We recommend trying this out in your garden – great food starts with great soil!